We are always glad to do collaborations with other artists, designers, and makers besides our own designs.



eL Seed  -  "I am alive, like you"


* eL Seed's "I am alive, like you" Wood and Resin Sculpture is highly exceptional and meaningful for us. When he contacted us to collaborate on this project's wood and epoxy resin and told us the name of this sculpture "I am alive, like you", everything changed because it was a very worthy calling for us.


Every artist has their own story as eL Seed's, but there was a good omen for us, like rising from ashes, in his story. After a serious health issue, losing everything that you thought you needed to live and to be happy; necessities to change the lifestyle that you got used to; confronting enormous challenges during the recovery process on physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual levels... That was our story until we noticed that working with wood and epoxy resin is our recovery, adaptation, and resiliency. "I am alive, like you" just reminded us that we are really alive and grateful for what we are doing.  


From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, eL Seed. It such a great pleasure spending time with you, sharing the excitement and experience of the project. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. We are honored to be able to call you not only a friend and but also a brother. 


P.S: In this project, more than 4 liters resin, hundreds of glue sticks, and plastic pieces for resin templates, hundreds of sanding papers were used. All in all, during this 4-month project, we worked more than 500 hours with love, patience, and passion at El Seed's Studio in Al Serkal Avenue, Dubai.


Ghaf Wood Table Lamp Set


The Ghaf Wood Table Lamp set is a collaboration with Khawla Al Balooshi, the interior designer and alumna of Tashkeel's Tanween Design Programme.


In this collaborative work the treated Ghaf wood*, which was developed during the 2021 Tanween design programme by Khawla Al Balooshi, is reinterpreted using epoxy resin and some carving techniques by Nidanin.


This Ghaf Table Lamp set is being exhibited at Made in Tashkeel 2022 Group Exhibition.


Treated Ghaf Wood, beech wood base, epoxy resin, LED lights, wax finished, and hand carving...

Piece 1: Base: 19×14 cm, Height: 34.5 cm

Piece 2: Base: 19×14 cm, Height: 29.5 cm


*The Ghaf is the national protected tree of the UAE as it is a historic and cultural symbol of stability and peace in the UAE's desert environment.

Only Dubai Municipality and some licensed companies provide waste or fallen ghaf.


On Sale at Made in Tashkeel 2022 Group Exhibition - For the Exhibition Catalogue and Pricelist click here.