'Dancing in the Desert'  -  AlUla


Our wood and resin sculpture “Dancing in the Desert” is inspired by one of the distinguished rock formations known as the dancing rocks observed in AlUla’s desert landscape and exhibited as one of the art pieces of Safar Collection at AlUla International Airport, Saudi Arabia.


"Safar" is a major new collection of 64 artworks by 24 artists at AlUla International Airport, directed by RCU (Royal Commission for AlUla) and facilitated by Capsule Arts, presenting works by international artists.


As artists and designers, we were thrilled since it was a great opportunity to define and interpret different perspectives of AlUla, by touching our own individual and creative approaches. From aesthetic rock formations to immense desert valleys, the sand storms to sand-swept dunes, there are tons of different elements in AlUla’s Landscape that stimulate not only artists’ senses but also visitors’ interests during their experience.


All formations and movements in AlUla’s nature are converted into abstract sculptural forms in this wood and resin art piece. Such as the rebirth of Module A in Module B; 15 wooden pieces which were the remains of Module A's holes, came together with translucent black resin and created module B.


All sharper resin edges were directly inspired by the actual Dancing Rocks, the resin flow representing the desert valley, and the wooden pieces serve as random rocks in the desert valley. The perfect match of the hand carvings on both Modules enables various distinctive luminous light and shadow effects from different perspectives.

This 140x105 cm piece is designed to show the different techniques

and variety of woods and resin that we used, besides the

magnificent adventure of woodworking.

'Tafakkur- The Contemplation'


The UAE changes the lives of millions for the better and more beautiful just like ours. We are proud to unveil our latest work of art. This ‘Dubai Skyline Reflections from Nidanin Perspective’ project is designed to show our gratitude, appreciation, and thankfulness to this country as wood and resin artists.

While life is going on at full speed, we sometimes miss things around us. There is not enough time to stop and think or to be lost in contemplation. Therefore, we named this project ‘Tafakkur - The Contemplation.’ We want to show something else beyond all glorious, massive, futuristic, new buildings; just want to encourage people to let go of their busy minds and hectic life by checking out tiny details of this city's skyline. 

The interpretation of Dubai’s iconic buildings was completed in 2 months. In this project, numerous techniques from carving to charring were used with resin and 10 different wood types such as American walnut, acacia, Turkish olive wood, mahogany, mango, teak wood, and so on.
Moreover, the deserts of the UAE are symbolized by the real desert sand on the base. If you look carefully at it, you can see ‘The 7 Lines’ UAE logo at the bottom. 

Coral & Wood Sculpture with Golden Resin


Dead dry corals from Sharjah beach and African dabema wood dictated what we might do with them when we started working on the project.


We were being led by the natural shape of the corals and the unique texture of the wood while the golden epoxy resin helped us put them together flawlessly.

Height 29 cm   Base 9 x 13,5 cm. 

Exhibited at Made in Tashkeel 2022 Group Exhibition - Catalogue 

This sculpture is the second piece of 'The Cube Collection'.

The rest of the collection will be coming soon..

'The Cube Collection'


This wood and resin cubic sculpture with one of the common Emirates patterns inspired by the traditional vernacular architecture of the United Arab Emirates. This pattern is sourced from decorative gypsum elements, often found above the doors of traditional houses that still remain in historical areas of Dubai such as Al Fahidi and Al Shindagha.


The pattern was designed using various type of woods (American walnut and bamboo) which represent the variety of the community in this country. The bold color of epoxy resin, pink, present modernity and vivacity of the UAE.


Hand carved mahogany wooden cube is displayed on the oak wooden stand which was carved and burnt using Yakisugi technique. HxWxD: 35 x 25 x 25 cm

Exhibited at Made in Tashkeel 2022 Group Exhibition - Catalogue 

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