About us



Nidanin Studio & Woodwork is a Dubai-based husband and wife team that uses a range of specialist woods and resins to create unique, handcrafted designs and art pieces all of which are proudly made in the UAE under the name of 'by Nidanin'.


With a wide variety of artistic woodworking skills, knowledge, and techniques, they are passionate about woodwork and enjoy imparting their knowledge and tricks of it to the creative community.

" Working with wood and resin is always exciting for us. The majestic and characteristic texture of the wood helps us to create and design our art pieces. Moreover, random knots on the wood and twisted roots give personality and uniqueness to the wooden piece. To make our art stronger and eternal, we combine the wood pieces with the resin.


The piece of wood dictates what we might do with that when we start working on it. We are being led by the wood while using resin since the wood seems like talking to us where we should be using the epoxy resin with its cracks, scratches, and holes. So, the adventure starts from there...


Each piece has its own adventure. "


by Nidanin