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Looking for inspiration just step outside the door, the nature

and the things that you see provide a treasure for creating

unique arts, that's what we are doing...


- Nidanin -

'Tafakkur -The Contemplation'

This ‘Dubai Skyline Reflections from Nidanin Perspective’ project is designed to show our gratitude to the UAE as wood and resin artists.

While life is going on at full speed, we sometimes miss things around us. There is not enough time to stop and think or to be lost in contemplation. Therefore, we named this project ‘Tafakkur - The Contemplation.’ 

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This 140x105 cm piece is designed to show the

different techniques and variety of woods and resin that we used, besides the magnificent adventure of woodworking.


eL Seed

"I am alive, like you"


*eL Seed's "I am alive, like you" Wood and Resin Sculpture is highly exceptional and meaningful for us. When he contacted us to collaborate on this project and told us the name of this sculpture "I am alive, like you", everything changed because it was a very worthy calling for us.


Every artist has their own story as eL Seed's, but there was a good omen for us, like rising from ashes, in his story..

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in the



- in Safar Collection / AlUla Airport, KSA - 

Our wood and resin sculpture “Dancing in the Desert” is inspired by one of the distinguished rock formations known as the dancing rocks observed in AlUla’s desert landscape and exhibited as one of the art pieces of Safar Collection at AlUla International Airport, Saudi Arabia. (Read more)

Unique Coral design Necklaces

A Custom Design Commission

After picking coral pieces from 3 Emirates of United Arab Emirates (Sharjah - Ajman - Umm Al Quwain beaches) we put them together with 500+ year-old olive wood pieces which were brought from Turkey (Izmir) using blue epoxy resin in Dubai.

These unique necklaces were designed "As a Memento of an Ocean Trip" for our distinguished customer, Her Highness Sheikha Lateefa bint Maktoum, the founder and director of Tashkeel.

The UAE corals + Turkish olive wood + Epoxy resin

The Dubai Coaster Collection

commissioned by Tashkeel 

The Dubai Coaster Collection is inspired by the traditional vernacular architecture of the United Arab Emirates. Each pattern is sourced from decorative gypsum elements, often found above the doors of traditional houses that still remain in historical areas of Dubai such as Al Fahidi and Al Shindagha. Presented in four bold colours, The Coaster Collection embodies the spirit of today’s Dubai, an innovative blend of rich traditions and bold modernity.


This product was commissioned for Tanween+ by Tashkeel, a range of small, affordable, homeware designs that capture the essence of the UAE.


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