The Coral Walls a one-of-a-kind art piece was inspired by the Heart of Sharjah coral walls.
The Coral Wall Sculpture

“The Coral Walls” a one-of-a-kind art piece was inspired by the Heart of Sharjah coral walls.


The creation and making of the project took part in the heart of Sharjah Heritage Area where we could feel, breathe and insight into the history of the UAE and its people. 

In this project, special hardwood pieces were meticulously combined with corals which have been handpicked from Sharjah beaches over the years. Various techniques and processes of resin were used not only to combine the wooden pieces with corals but also to make the art piece last a lifetime.


Hand-carved black walnut pieces complement the corals’ unique complex texture giving a taste of harmony of nature.

As artists and expats, we believe that getting acquainted with the environment, nature, history, and the heritage where we live is always essential. Ever since we came to the UAE, corals have been our curiosity and passion. On our first visit to the Sharjah Heritage Area known as the Heart of Sharjah, we were charmed by the coral walls of the pearl merchant’s house.


Hearing the journey of a coral from beaches to the walls, and learning more about what the coral walls are, ignited our inspiration while creating this art piece, “The Coral Walls”.

The UAE’s heritage is highly impacted by the country’s coastal environments besides the deserts. In the country, the coastal areas’ residents built their homes out of fossilized corals and mud bricks. The use of these natural materials allowed walls to breathe depending on the various temperatures during the day. It was assumed that the coral blocks absorbed and stored the heat and then diffused it back at night.

The coral stones are not used anymore in new architectural constructions due to the availability reasons of the corals and the advancement of new materials whilst some coral stone walls are conserved and protected in historic sites of the country to preserve the heritage within us.


With this new sculpture series of “The Coral Walls” our aim is to give a glimpse of traditional landscape knowledge not only to new generations of the country but also to newcomers from all around the world while embracing the UAE’s rich culture and traditions.

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